Instructors: Kendra Swartz, Mallorie Swartz, Haley Myers, Kennedy Bachtel, Denise Stamm,  Taylor Hahn, Sarah Gonzalez

Office Staff: Dustin Seigman, Kathy Holden, Shannon Matusky, Amy Miller, Paige Harget, Michele Colvin

37 Woods Road, Abbottstown PA 17301






Welcome to SMD!!!

We are so excited to share this dance season with you.  This handbook has been written to describe our program, goals, policies and the details that go into making this dance year as happy and successful as possible.   Please refer to these policies for reference, as it will answer many of your questions throughout the dance season.


The School of Music and Dance is a dance and performing arts education center serving the local area.  Our focus is on our students.   We welcome the student who wishes to compete at the highest levels or simply enjoy the art of dance as creative recreation.  Our seasoned instructors can take you from your first dance steps to as far as your feet can travel.  From Pre-Dance to Pro, our goal is to provide the students with the tools to maximize their confidence and take them as far as their goals or ambitions reach.  Students get exceptional training, proper technique, and cutting edge choreography without the strictness found in some studios. We provide a flexible environment for students to participate in other activities outside of the arts. Well-rounded dancers are happy dancers and happy students are our top priority!

We accept students from age 3 (as long as they are fully potty trained) through adult.  Now is the time to follow your dancing feet!!  We welcome anyone to try a class before they sign-up and register for the dance season.  Come see what SMD has to offer to you!





The staff and management of SMD have spent countless hours building our new studio to bring you the nicest and cleanest studio in the area. Please respect the property and its belongings.

If you or those you are with cannot respect the studio property or its belongings you may be asked to leave and possibly not return to the studio.  If items are broken or destroyed SMD reserves the right to ask that you replace or pay for the broken or damaged item.



We have a parking lot on the side and behind the building for parents and students.


If you are dropping your student off; Pull in, go through the roundabout and drop your student off at the front door on your way out of the parking lot. This area is not a long-term parking area, this is strictly for drop off and good-bye.

DO NOT park in the FIRE LANE or in the grass at the front of the building. Both areas are not safe and parking in these areas damages our property.

NO PARKING in the Roundabout area. This area is vital in keeping our traffic flow orderly and safe.

We also have permission to park in the Howe Homes parking lot and in the gravel area at the top of the hill. If you have an SUV, this is a great spot for you to park.



A registration fee of $25.00 per student is required along with a registration form to reserve your class space. (This fee is nontransferable and nonrefundable.) Class availability is on a first come basis. Registration is not complete until the registration fee is paid along with all proper forms signed and returned to the office.  You may not join classes until your registration is complete.



If you wish to make any changes to your original registration, you must fill out a drop/add slip completely and have the teachers signatures. These must be turned into the office before you can start participating in a new added class. We understand that your schedule changes due to school commitments, just please be sure that for every change made, a slip is completed. Slips will not be completed if they are turned in for a different level than what your dancers is currently assigned to until the office confirms with the change in level has been approved. Also, no changes to enrollment will be accepted after February 1st. This is to ensure that no disruptions are made to recital dances.



Tuition payments are for weekly classes running the first week in September through the second week in June. Tuition is due the 1st of each month. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. All checks should be made payable to: SMD.

**If we have not received your payment by the 11th of the month, our new tuition system will automatically charge a $20 late fee. This cannot be overridden by the office staff and will be due with your monthly tuition payment.

A student’s absence from class for any reason and/or holiday breaks does not justify late payments nor do they exempt you from late fees.   You cannot bank classes for upcoming absences.  FINANCIAL CREDIT IS NOT ISSUED FOR MISSED LESSONS, but you have opportunity to make up any missed classes in any of our scheduled classes which are the same type and level class as the missed class.

The monthly payment is based on the full season of classes (September-June) and is not based on the number of classes that fall into each month.  All holiday breaks have already been considered into your monthly payment.  You do not pay more for longer months nor do you receive a discount for shorter months.



After the 11th of the month a $20.00 late fee will automatically be added to your bill. If your account falls behind more than 2 months, you will be asked to pay your balance or your child’s enrollment will be suspended and they will not be able to return until the full owed balance is received.

There is a $35.00 charge on all returned checks.

NO postdated checks will be accepted at any time for any reason.



Each family will receive monthly emailed invoice during the dance season. These invoices will not include dues for Nebula and/or Company Elite.  The due date for each payment is the first of every month.  We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and checks. Checks should be made payable to SMD.


To show our appreciation we offer a $20 credit to enrolled students who recommend our studio to a new student.  To receive credit, the new student must indicate the referral on their registration form and must remain in dance and pay for a full 3 months.


If a student misses a class they are welcome to come in another day and time to take a class that is at the same level or below within a month of the missed class. The make-up slip must also be turned into the office within that month. If you miss a class in September, you cannot make up that class in May, you will need to make the class up in October/November (depending on the date missed) and the make-up slip must also be turned in at that time. No refund will be given for missed classes. Classes that are canceled by the studio may be rescheduled when possible.



If at any time it is necessary to cancel classes due to bad weather such as snow and ice, there will be a recorded message on the answering machine after 2:30 P.M. for the evening classes that advise if the studio is closed for the evening.  A cancellation notice will also be posted on our Facebook page and Twitter. We will also send out a mass email. Classes cancelled for bad weather do not count against perfect attendance.

There will be NO reduction of tuition for studio closures due to weather. Students may make-up any missed classes.



It is important that your child attends dance class every week. Good attendance is essential to the progress of the individual and of the whole class.  Absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. If a student misses too many lessons they may fall behind the rest of the class and may be asked not to perform in the recital. We realize that many students are involved in other activities and feel that they should be. If there are scheduling conflicts that are “temporary‟ please speak with the office staff about the situation. Of course, illnesses and school commitments are acceptable reasons to miss class. Students should make every attempt to be at scheduled classes.


Enrollment Terminations

The studio reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for the following reasons:

  1. Non-payment or excessive late payment of fees.
  2. Not observing the studio rules.
  3. Physical and/or verbal abuse of staff or children, by a parent or child.



  1. No food or drinks are permitted in the dance rooms. All drinks need to be kept in the dancer’s lounge.
  2. All students should use the restroom before they enter class. This is important for our Pre-Classes as the teacher cannot leave during class to assist with any restroom usage.
  3. Students are not permitted to chew gum in the dance room.
  4. Outside street shoes should be avoided on the dance floors.
  5. All students must be in proper dress while attending class.
  6. Short hair must be secured off of the face. Long hair must be in a Ponytail, bun, or braid.
  7. Class will be conducted with the doors closed. This will avoid any distraction from the lobby.
  8. Please try to arrive 5 minutes early to class.
  9. Children should not touch the mirrors or the viewing windows.
  10. Absolutely no running in the classroom.
  11. Cell phones are NOT PERMITTED to be out AT ALL during class. If the student has it in the room, it should be turned off or to “silent‟.
  12. Parents are not allowed in the studios.
  13. The teachers are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any student that leaves the classroom at any time


The SMD Staff reserve the right to ask you to sit-out of class due to non-compliance of the above policies.


Private instruction is available at an extra charge. These may be used for extra practice if you have missed several classes and need to catch up. They can also be used to learn routines for competitions, school talents shows, etc. Enrollment is very limited and based on instructor availability and studio space.  Prices for private lessons are at the discretion of the individual instructor and payments are due in full at the time of service.

You will not be permitted to schedule any private lessons if your tuition is past due or you have an outstanding balance with the studio (including Nebula or Company Elite dues).

You will not be permitted participate in competitions if your tuition is past due or you have an outstanding balance with the studio (including Nebula or Company Elite dues).



If you do not need a private lesson, but would like to use a studio for rehearsal and/or practice, you can rent a studio.  If there is no class or previously scheduled private, you have the ability to rent studio space for $20 per hour/$10 per ½ hour. Please check with the office for studio availability.





We are lucky enough to be able to provide a dancer’s lounge.  This space is for our students to put their belongings during class, eat dinner, do homework, etc.  Please respect this space and be sure to clean up after yourselves (throw your trash away, pick up crumbs, etc.)  If you cannot respect the space and the others that use it, it will be taken away.

There will be a refrigerator and microwave located in the dancer’s lounge for student use.  The refrigerator will be cleaned out every Saturday and ALL items left from the previous week will be thrown away, NO EXCEPTIONS.

The dancer’s lounge is for student’s use only.  Parents and non-dancers are not permitted to use the student lounge for any reason.

SMD is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please be sure to mark your dancer’s personal items (shoes, clothing, etc.) with their name, so if they are lost they can be returned.  (Please see lobby rules regarding lost and found)



Classes will be conducted with the doors closed. It is very disturbing to all of the students and the instructors when there is a lot of noise outside of the studio rooms. To avoid distraction to the class, parents may view through the provided viewing windows. Parents will not be permitted into the dance room unless invited by the instructor. If your child or other dancers in the class are distracted by seeing you through the window, please try to keep your viewing to a minimum. We realize parents love to watch their kids dance but in an effort to keep them focused and listening to their instructor we must make our best effort to keep distractions to a minimum.  If your dancer is continually distracted or disruptive to class due to your observation, the instructors may request that you suspend your observation of the class for a period of time. At no time should parents be correcting any student whom is not under their direct supervision.


This year we are asking that no observations occur at the wall for Studio A unless invited by the teacher. This is a very large open Studio and extra voices at the observation wall carry and make it difficult for our teachers to do their job. There will be times at the end of class etc. when you are invited to watch, but we respectfully request that you do not stand and watch the entire class. This is especially important on Nebula nights when we have 70 dancers in that Studio trying to learn a dance.

We host a Winter Showcase in January.  At that time we welcome all parents/grandparents and siblings to come to see what your dancer has been learning.  We will post the date on the Studio Announcement Center, Facebook and Twitter.



An Announcement Center is available for you to view and read. Please take the time to scan the Parent Board regularly to keep informed of studio happenings and/or announcements.  If there are announcements that you need to take home they will be emailed to you.



  2. Students must wait inside the building to be picked up.
  3. Students must be picked up within 15 minutes of their last class. If you cannot make it on time, please let the office know or please make arrangements to have your child picked up.  We cannot be responsible for children who are not picked up within 15 minutes of the studio closing.
  4. Our younger students are not permitted to leave the building without an adult.
  5. Please try to keep the lobby as quiet and clean as possible. Please supervise young children (siblings, etc.). Do not allow children to climb and hang on studio property, specifically the viewing area in Studio A.
  6. Students MUST use the student lounge for their belongings, do not set bags/book bags etc. on the lobby chairs, or anywhere in the lobby.
  7. Do not interrupt the instructor while the class is in session. Class time is reserved for our students to learn. If you need to speak to the instructor, please do so before or after the class. If necessary, you may make an appointment.
  8. Running and horseplay are not permitted in the lobby or in the student lounge.
  9. No tapping or knocking on the viewing windows.
  10. The office staff is not responsible for unsupervised children, this the parents responsibility. If your child is under the age of 7, parental supervision is REQUIRED.
  11. Clean up any trash you may have made. The Staff is not here to clean up your messes. If you need cleaning supplies to clean up a mess, please ask the office.
  12. Lost and found items will be located in the dancers lounge, please be sure to check the box if you are missing anything. We donate all clothing and shoes once a month to avoid a pile up of lost and found clothing and shoes, so be sure to check the box often.


The SMD Staff reserves the right to ask you to leave the studio if you cannot abide by the above policies.


During the dance season, our students work on a choreographed dance, which is performed on stage for family and friends at our annual Spring Recital.  Participation in the recital is optional.  However, please notify the instructor as soon as possible so that adjustments can be made accordingly.  Also, in order to participate in the recital you must start classes no later than March 1st. If you start after March 1st, you are certainly welcome to take class, but you cannot participate in the recital.

There will be a recital fee per student (This fee is adjusted for families with multiple dancers). This fee includes:  the purchase of the Auditorium rental, dressing room rental, stage hands, DJ equipment, Lighting equipment, janitors, scenery and other expenses. Tickets will go on sale in May and tickets will have seat assignments. Ticket sales are on a first come first served basis. Tickets can be pre-ordered or purchased at the door.

**ALL studio fees must be paid in full or your child will not be permitted to participate in the recital**



A mandatory dress rehearsal will be held the Friday before the recital. All students must rehearse all of their numbers at the dress rehearsal or they will not be permitted to perform in the recital. Students must come to dress rehearsal fully prepared in costume, tights, make up and shoes at their scheduled time ready to dance.  Unless you show up extra early, there is no time to get ready.



Recital costume fees generally run anywhere from $75-$85 per costume.  Each class will have a different costume (except for a few select classes).  All costume payments are due in full in February. You may begin paying on costumes as soon as dance begins in September. We just ask that these payments be made separately from your tuition payments. Costume sizes are determined based on the following factors:  1) our staff measures each dancer for their costumes. 2) For the younger dancers we add two inches to those measurements to allow for growth. 3) The measurements are reviewed with the costume manufacturers sizing information (sizing varies between manufactures).  4) Final costume size is assigned to your dancer.


Prior to the costume payments being due, you will receive costume invoice.  These invoices must be reviewed, signed and returned to the office with your full costume payment.   These forms confirm the size and price for the costume(s) that will be ordered for the recital.  If you do not agree with the sizing, please see the office staff to discuss concerns/options.  Once you sign and return the costume forms and payment, no changes can be made and all sizing confirmations are final.


Costumes cannot be ordered unless they are paid in full. Once costumes are ordered there will be no refunds.  If a costume needs to be exchanged for any reason (other than manufacture defect), you are responsible for all extra charges associated with the exchange, including postage fees.


Class costumes are ordered together, which is why we have a deadline. If your costume payment is not received by the deadline, your costumes will not be ordered with the group orders. You will then be responsible for an individual order PLUS any required shipping & handling. A delay in payment for costumes may result in the costume not being delivered in time for the recital.


If a class requires additional accessories, including tights, shoes, etc. there will be additional charges and may be the responsibility of the dancer to purchase themselves outside of the studio.  Each instructor will provide information prior to recital that will go over the accessories needed for each costume, including instruction on how the dancer’s hair needs to be styled and make-up.


Side note:  Once costumes are decided upon our staff posts the catalog pictures for everyone to see their recital costumes.  These pictures are for reference only, not all accessories shown in these pictures are included with the costume that is being ordered.


The Central Pennsylvania Nebula Performing Company (Nebula)

Our award-winning performance troupe, Nebula, consists of students from ages of 3 and up. Nebula is a non-profit performing company located within The School of Music and Dance. Nebula provides advance training opportunities for young performers to develop their skills in music and dance.  There are extra classes through the week and year for Nebula members; during those classes the dancer’s learn dances for our annual Nutcracker performance, local performances throughout the community, and a production number for our annual spring recital.  We also try to find one local competition a year for our Nebula dancers to compete in. This is not mandatory, but it allows the dancers an opportunity to participate and experience a dance competition. You do not need to audition for Nebula; it is open to all SMD students who are seeking additional training and performance opportunities.  Dancers are placed in groups based on ability and focus on technique, style, stage-presence, team-building and having FUN!!!!  If you aren’t sure that you can make a yearly commitment to Nebula but still want to perform in our famous yearly Nutcracker performance, please let us know, we would be happy to have you. Auditions are required to participate in Nutcracker.


Nebula Requirements

Dancers in Pre, Beginner, Beginner Intermediate I are required to be enrolled in 1 ballet class in order to become a member of Nebula.


Any Beginner Intermediate II level and above are required to take 1 ballet class and either pointe and/or lyrical class per month in order to participate in Nebula for the full year. (pre-pointe and pointe will count as a ballet class)The ONLY exception to this requirement is if you are only in Nebula for the Nutcracker.


Nebula Payments

There is an extra fee of $25 per month for Nebula members. The Nebula fees are not included with the monthly tuition.


Any payments to Nebula should be made out to Nebula and placed in the black box located on the glass case in the lobby. The office does not take Nebula payments. If you have questions regarding your Nebula balance or PPA account balance, please ask the Nebula Treasurer, the office staff does not have that information.

Any questions for Nebula should be directed to smd_nebula@yahoo.com or a Nebula Board Member.

Nebula offers fundraisers throughout the year. Any questions regarding the fundraiser sales, pick-up, payment, etc. should be directed directly to Nebula.

Company Elite

Company Elite (CE) is offered to our more serious dancers of different ages and levels.  Students enter this program through audition process.  After joining Nebula and remaining in good standing, dancers who dance at least 4 hours per week (2 ballet classes as well as a contemporary and Jazz class are REQUIRED to be a member of CE). The CE dancers are chosen by skill level, motivation and dedication to perform in numerous outlets.  Not all dancers will be in every dance, but this does give the younger dancers an opportunity to learn difficult choreography and expand their dance experience. CE travels throughout the region to compete in well-known competitions.  Being a CE member is equivalent to being on an all-star sports team.  A significant commitment to dance and a great deal of extra time and effort is involved.  CE dancers are required to participate in all 4 yearly competitions we enter. The normal fees for competitions range from $40-$55 per group number, $90 + for any solos, & $40+ for duos/trios. You will be expected to perform in your assigned groups if you are participating in competition (ie doing a solo/duo/trio). ***In order to be in CE, you must also be a member of Nebula.


CE dues are $15 per month. CE fees are no included with the monthly tuition.  Any payments for CE (including monthly fees, costume fees, competition fees, etc.) should be made out to Nebula and placed in the Nebula box located on the glass case in the lobby.

Any question regarding CE should be directed to  smd_nebula@yahoo.com or a Nebula Board Member.

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