The Central Pennsylvania Nebula Performing Company (Nebula)

Our award-winning performance troupe, Nebula, consists of students from ages of 3 and up. Nebula is a non-profit performing company located within The School of Music and Dance. Nebula provides advance training opportunities for young performers to develop their skills in music and dance.  There are extra classes through the week and year for Nebula members; during those classes the dancer’s learn dances for our annual Nutcracker performance, local performances throughout the community, and a production number for our annual spring recital.  We also try to find one local competition a year for our Nebula dancers to compete in. This is not mandatory, but it allows the dancers an opportunity to participate and experience a dance competition. You do not need to audition for Nebula; it is open to all SMD students who are seeking additional training and performance opportunities.  Dancers are placed in groups based on ability and focus on technique, style, stage-presence, team-building and having FUN!!!!  If you aren’t sure that you can make a yearly commitment to Nebula but still want to perform in our famous yearly Nutcracker performance, please let us know, we would be happy to have you. Auditions are required to participate in Nutcracker.

Nebula Requirements

Dancers in Pre, Beginner, Beginner Intermediate I are required to be enrolled in 1 ballet class in order to become a member of Nebula.

Any Beginner Intermediate II level and above are required to take 2 ballet classes per month in order to participate in Nebula for the full year. (pre-pointe and pointe will count as a ballet class)The ONLY exception to this requirement is if you are only in Nebula for the Nutcracker.

Nebula Payments

There is an extra fee of $25 per month for Nebula members. The Nebula fees are not included with the monthly tuition.

Any payments to Nebula should be made out to Nebula and placed in the black box located on the glass case in the lobby. The office does not take Nebula payments. If you have questions regarding your Nebula balance or PPA account balance, please ask the Nebula Treasurer, the office staff does not have that information.

Any questions for Nebula should be directed to or a Nebula Board Member.

Nebula offers fundraisers throughout the year. Any questions regarding the fundraiser sales, pick-up, payment, etc. should be directed directly to Nebula.

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